Madeira to Las Palmas

At 11:45 on Thursday 13. November 2014 we lifted the anchor and set course almost south to Las Palmas, 285 nm ahead. As usual the wind was blowing much stronger than forecasted and from south west so we were going high up to the wind. Therefore unfortunately Maria got sea sick but far severe than the last time and she had developed a strong will not to let herself be put down by it. Luckily we could most of the time could sail almost on the rhumb line (direct course) and we made good progress under three reefs and a small genoa. During the night the wind got less strong and we could reef out and it also turned (this time as forecasted) to a northerly direction and we could sail butterfly. The wind was nice through the second day and on the morning of the third day it had calmed so much that we were not doing our usual 6 knots any more but „only“ four to five. But we any way arrived at Las Palmas in the afternoon of Saturday 15.11.2014 and went to the anchorage of Las Palmas.
Some hours later Mike also arrived and he brought a huge Bonito fish with him, about 20kg heavy. So we had Sushi and fried fish that evening with him, and the next evening with some neighbours and also on the third evening.